About Shores East

As a young couple, born and raised in eastern NC, Will and April Dorsey always had an immense love for all things southern and coastal.  Living in small towns, including Nashville and Elm City, NC helped cultivate this  deep respect for the simple things in life.  As struggling young parents, lavish vacations were just a dream, but many precious memories were made with their small children on day trips to Emerald Isle, and Carolina Beach through the years.  Those road trips to the coast, taking in the plowed fields and rusted barns along the way, and the excitement that the smell of the salt air brought as they crossed over the bridge, began the stirring of a dream.

 It wasn’t long before Will began to have longings to share their love of the south and the coast with others.  After many conversations, much research, and countless prayers, Will and April decided to take a leap of faith, and try their hands at building a company they were passionate about, from the ground up.   In mid 2017, Shores East was born!

 Shores East is more than a tshirt company…their passion for all things southern and coastal takes you to the place you want to be!  Whether it’s warm memories that bring a smile to your face, or building excitement for an upcoming adventure, Shores East is right there with you!  Their original designs, ranging from the great Mahi mahi, to a relaxing day fishing on the pier, are printed in the USA on high quality, durable materials, because like most of us raised in the South, they know the value of a hard earned dollar!  They believe in playing hard after working hard and Shores East strives to be the apparel company that celebrates the beauty of both!


It doesn’t get much better than that sweet, southern, salty water lapping at sandy toes, to dissolve the stresses of life away…let Shores East take you there!